Nr. Ch. Aurealis Incandescence

(CH. Milas Aurealis Latin Samba x CH. Aurealis Rumor Has It)

Kendall is a line-bred Aurealis bitch with an exceptionally feminine, long and light headpiece accompanied by a pencil drawn lip line. She acquires a very sweet and obliquely set expression. Her balance, class and grace is a rarity of quality in our breed-- especially so as a White. Kendall won 1st place in the Open White class at the 2016 Collie Club of America National Specialty and has had a limited show career. After a two year hiatus, she picked up a 5 pt major under Judge Michelle Struble and a 5 pt major under Judge Loralee Runnels, both in huge entries of 20+ rough bitches. Like her dam, Kendall is an excellent brood bitch and has produced superlative offspring. 

WB/BOW 5 pt major- Michelle Struble
WB/BOW 5 pt major - Loralee Runnels

Color:  White (Tri-Factored Sable)

Date of Birth: 4/27/2015

Bred/Owned By: Deborah Falk, Maret Conahan, Lauren Falk, Julianna Falk


Eye Check: Mild CEA

PRA: Clear/Non-Carrier

MDR1: Mutant/Normal

DM: Clear/Non-Carrier

DMS: Aabb

Cyclic Neutropenia, Cyclic Hematopoiesis, Grey Collie Syndrome: Clear


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