Ch. Aurealis Light The Way

(GCHS. Southland Aurealis Island Nights, ROM x GCHB. Aurealis Ambition)

Darrin began his career by winning three majors in a row under Breeder/Judges Lee Runnels (Kimberee0), Marcy Fine (Overland) and Debra Tessman. He exudes correct head detail with a light headpiece, flat frontal bone and table top back skull. Reminiscent of his top winning dam, Darrin possesses a beautiful soft expression with well placed, dark eyes. Structurally, Darrin is well built and masculine with elegant curves. After siring 3 beautiful litters for other breeders, Darrin was acquired locally by the Ackley family. Watch for his offspring in 2022, several are already specialty major pointed.

Color: Blue-Merle (White Factored) (Rough Factored) 

Date of Birth: 6/17/2019

Bred/Owned By: Deborah Falk, Maret Conahan, Lauren Falk, Julianna Falk


Eye Check: Mild CEA

PRA: Clear/Non-Carrier

MDR1: Mutant/Normal

DM: Clear/Non-Carrier

DMS: aabb

Cyclic Neutropenia, Cyclic Hematopoiesis, Grey Collie Syndrome: Clear