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 GCh. Aurealis Captivating

This young bitch is captivating in every way, hence her name! Hailey was what we wished for in her breeding and we are greatly looking forward to the things to come for this young superstar. Though a handful like her sire, this showstopper commands the show ring and is hard to look away from. Hailey finished with three 5 point majors under Judges David Calderwood (Kensil), Patt Caldwell (Alaric) and Laura Weiss (Castlebar). Hailey is currently on maternity leave with a beautiful litter of 10 sired by GCHS Aurealis Play For Keeps. She will make her debut in the specials ring in 2024.

Color: Blue-Merle (White Factored)

Date of Birth: 5/27/2020

Bred/Owned By: Deborah Falk, Maret Conahan, Lauren Falk, Julianna Falk


Eye Check: Mild CEA

PRA: Clear/Non-Carrier

MDR1: Normal/Normal

DM: Clear/Non-Carrier

DMS: Aabb

Hips: TBD

Elbows: TBD

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