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Aurealis has always kept it small, with an emphasis being quality not quantity. This philosophy has guided us to keep a limited number of elite dogs to carry on the Aurealis bloodline and allowing us to share some of our top quality puppies to outstanding families. Aurealis strives for excellence in the show ring, performance ring and as companions and  this all begins in the whelping box. We are proud to have attained ample success with limited breedings and careful selection. We carefully plan each and every litter with the goal to better the Aurealis bloodline and improve the quality of Rough and Smooth Collies world-wide. Our puppies are home-raised from birth and receive the finest care by us and their remarkable dams. If not keeping a puppy to contribute to our breeding program, we want to give them every opportunity to be a member of your family. Aurealis Collie puppies are available starting at 9 weeks of age. We breed Rough and Smooth Collies of all colors: Sable, Sable-Merle, Tri, Blue Merle and Color-Headed Whites.


If you are interested in an Aurealis puppy, please email us to request our Puppy Application. We require a completed Puppy Application before you and your family are considered as a potential home.  We require a phone interview and check references diligently.  Once you and your family have been approved as a potential home, we require a $300 deposit in order to be added to our reservation list. This deposit is 100% refundable up until the litter turns 5 weeks of age. When inquiring about our puppies, please let us know any requests you have in regards to coat, color, gender, etc. 


Please contact us directly for the price of our puppies. Cost for our puppies vary and is based on a variety of factors such as: show or companion, age of the puppy, lineage and location of sale (domestic or international). 


Health Testing: In an effort to ensure that our dogs are healthy, health testing allows us as breeders towards that goal. We DNA test our sires and dams for major health issues that may affect collies, including but not limited to: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) Dermatomyositis (DMS), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Cyclic Neutropenia (CN), and various OFA tests such as Advanced Cardiac, Elbows and Hips. Visit our dogs personal pages for personalized health testing results and the OFA website for public records. Our resources tab has many knowledgeable articles to further your understanding of diseases and defects that can afflict dogs in general and Collies in particular.

Collie Eye Checks: We have our puppy eye checks at 7-8 weeks by reputable Canine Ophthalmologist Dr. Sullivan at the Seattle Animal Eye Clinic. You are ensured accurate results and are given a certified eye check certificate with your puppy. Our breeding stock is Mild for CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) and 100% clear of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) by genetic testing.

Vaccinations: Depending on the age of your puppy, the proper vaccines are administered before leaving Aurealis, we follow Dr. Dodds' Vaccination Schedule. We will provide you with a detailed vaccination history for personal and veterinarian use. Our puppies receive preventative deworming to avoid parasitic conditions before going to their new home. At this time, our puppies do not receive heart worming medication.  

Wellness & Health Checks: All of our puppies have a wellness/health check by our trusted veterinarian Dr. Anders Thoreson prior to going to their new home. 

Socialization: Our puppies are given an abundance of attention and training and are socialized to numerous environments such as: car rides, other pets, and individuals of all ages. We pride ourselves in the temperament of our breeding stock and are hopeful to share our sweet, happy and playful collies with you.

Collie Ear Taping: We begin taping all of our puppies ears at 8 weeks old. This is a diligent process that must occur in order to achieve the correct ear set, shape and tip of the ear for the proper Collie expression. We have our own technique for propping ears are will guide all of our puppy buyers through the process, if desired. 


Sable: Predominately Sable, ranging from fawn sable color of varying shades of light sable to dark mahogany with white markings usually on the chest, neck, legs, feet and tip of the tail. The Sable Merle appears sable and will typically have a lighter sable color with merle speckles. 

Blue Merle: A mottled or marbled color predominately blue-grey and black with white markings on the chest, neck, legs, feet and tip of the tail and tan markings on the legs and face.

Tri-Color: Predominately black, carrying tan markings on the legs and face and white markings on the chest, neck, legs, feet and tip of the tail.

White: Predominately white, preferably with sable, blue-merle or tri-color markings. When both parents inherit the white-factored gene and are bred together, color-headed white offspring may appear. 

Sable merle.gif


The Collie comes in two varieties, the Rough (long hair) and the Smooth (short hair). They are one breed and judged by the same AKC standard, except in regards to coat. When bred together, both varieties may appear in a litter. At Aurealis, we are primarily focused on the Rough variety but do occasionally breed top quality Smooth Collies.


Aurealis Collies is located South of Seattle, Washington, USA. If we are outside of your driving range, we recommend you fly into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) to pick up your puppy before 10 weeks of age in order for it to fly in the airplane cabin with you for a flat rate of $100, rates may vary. Otherwise, the puppy may be transported world-wide by airline cargo. We recommend Alaska Airlines for all air transportation, whenever possible. 

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Deborah Falk, Lauren Falk, Julianna Falk, Maret Conahan

Washington State, USA





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