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Aurealis has always kept it small, with an emphasis being quality not quantity. This philosophy has guided us to keep a limited number of elite dogs to carry on the Aurealis bloodline and allowing us to share some of our top quality puppies to outstanding families. Aurealis strives for excellence in the show ring, performance ring and as companions and  this all begins in the whelping box. We are proud to have attained ample success with limited breedings and careful selection. We carefully plan each and every litter with the goal to better the Aurealis bloodline and improve the quality of Rough and Smooth Collies world-wide. Our puppies are home-raised from birth and receive the finest care by us and their remarkable dams. If not keeping a puppy to contribute to our breeding program, we want to give them every opportunity to be a member of your family. Aurealis Collie puppies are available starting at 9 weeks of age. We breed Rough and Smooth Collies of all colors: Sable, Sable-Merle, Tri, Blue Merle and Color-Headed Whites.


If you are interested in an Aurealis puppy, please email us to request our Puppy Application. We require a completed Puppy Application before you and your family are considered as a potential home.  We require a phone interview and check references diligently.  Once you and your family have been approved as a potential home, we require a $300 deposit in order to be added to our reservation list. This deposit is 100% refundable up until the litter turns 5 weeks of age. When inquiring about our puppies, please let us know any requests you have in regards to coat, color, gender, etc. 


Our companion puppies are $2500, this includes the $300 deposit.  Cost for potential show quality puppies vary and is based on a variety of factors such as: age of the puppy, lineage and location of sale (domestic or international).