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Brady is a young male with many outstanding virtues. He is a littermate to Constellation and Reminiscence and fulfills our eye in every way. His headpiece is long and lean, complemented with a round muzzle and pencil lip line. His head is met with an expression that is sweet and soft, with a beautiful well-placed dark eye.  Brady incorporates true body balance with proper neck that is coupled with nice layback of shoulder and a correct length of back. Brady matured for two years and burst out of the gates winning large Specialty majors under Judge Mary Benedict (Long Acre), Larry Willeford (Windcrest) and Michelle Struble (Valley Park). Brady has been acquired by a local family and is available at stud exclusively. 

Color: Tri (White Factored)

Date of Birth: 6/11/2018

Bred/Owned By: Deborah Falk, Maret Conahan, Lauren Falk, Julianna Falk


Eye Check: Normal Eyed (CEA Carrier)

PRA: Clear/Non-Carrier

DM: Carrier


Ch. Aurealis Revolutionary

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